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Dance/Music Parent Information

Drop-off & Pick-Up

How does drop off and pick up work?

Drop Off Procedure: 

Please wait outside until an instructor opens the door to enter the studio. (Seasonal changes will be made)

If another class is in session, we ask that you come in quietly.

If you are signed up for Tippy Toe Tots, Jazz & Ballet, or Musical Theater, please respect the teachers and dancers learning and  quickly get your child ready on arrival then head out of the studio so that we can begin class without distractions. 

Please come to the studio 5 minutes early so that you can help your child get ready.

Pick-Up Procedure:

When you arrive to pick up your child, please come in quietly and no earlier than 2 minutes before the class ends. Please respect this policy as the dancers will not be distracted by people coming into the studio.

Please read the late policy below for more information.

What is the late policy?

Late Policy Procedure:

If you drop off your child late, please call or email the studio if you are running late. We ask that you respect the start time of the class your dancer attends. 

If you pick up your child late, you will be charged $1.00/minute after a grace period of 5 minutes. We ask that you respect our pick-up procedure and show up at on time. 

Are families allowed to watch the class?

We ask that parents/guardians who have dancers who signed up for Tippy Toe Tots, Jazz & Ballet, or Musical Theater drop their dancer off, then head out. We ask that you please respect this policy as it can be distracting for teachers and dancers to learn when parents/guardians stay. 

*If you are interested in coffee shops around the area, we are happy to give you information.

Sick Policy

What should I do if my child is sick?

We do our best to keep all items in the classroom clean and we encourage hand washing throughout the day, however, there are times a child may get sick. We would need you to keep your child home if he/she shows signs of illness. 

Your child may return to class after they have had no fever for 24hrs without medication.

If your child shows any symptoms of illness, you will be called to come and pick up your child immediately.

Please contact the director at if your child is ill so that we can let other families know. 

What if my child tests positive for Covid? 

Any dancer who tests positive or has be in contact with anyone with COVID-19 must inform our studio within 12 hours by email to:


Are masks required? 

Masks are encouraged but not mandatory.

Everyone 12 years and up are required to show proof of vaccination. Please email us a picture of your vaccination card to or bring it with you to your first lesson. 

Absence Policy

What happens if my dancer misses a class?

If your child misses a dance class for any reason, they will be able to make up the class the Saturday before or after by attending a class that is of the same age group.

Students may attend a different class of the same age group or double up and take two of the same class. 

If your child misses class, please email the studio in advance to let us know. 


Will there be a recital?

We will not hold a formal recital. However, we will do a showcase on June 24th at 11:00am so that dancers can perform a short piece for their peers and families. This is a great way for our dancers to see what students do as they level up in our classes. The showcase will be performed in the studio on the last day of class. 

On January 28th, we invite all families/guardians to join their dancers for a dance party. This is a fun way to connect and dance around with your little dancer with fun music and lights we kick off the new year!


Will I receive photos of my child?

Throughout our school year, photographs of the children will be taken in
our classroom during their activities. Please notify the director if you do not want your child’s picture taken.

Will I receive a monthly newsletter?

Your teacher will provide a monthly newsletter to communicate important information, topics, or upcoming events to provide as much information as we can to keep you informed about what goes on in our class!

What Should I Bring to class?

Parent Check-List


Water Bottle

Dance Shoes

 Extra set of leotard & tights

Extra pair of underwear

Any necessary medications

If you have any questions, please reach out to the director at or call (313) 288-2784.