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Dance attire is important for dance class as it creates an effective and safe learning environment, teaches young dancers discipline, and is important in feeling good about oneself as a dancer. For safety reasons we require all students to purchase dance shoes as our floor can get slippery. (If you would like more information about why dance attire is important, please check out our blog post here.)


All dancers must wear a solid color leotard (no patterns or sparkles), tights, dance shorts and appropriate dance shoes (Ballet Shoes or Jazz Shoes.) 

Male dancers may wear a solid color t-shirt (no logos), athletic shorts, joggers, or sweatpants (no logos) and appropriate dance shoes (Ballet Shoes or Jazz Shoes).

Hair must be up, tied back with a hair elastic and pulled away from the face 

*For dance shoes and attire, we recommend Capezio or Bloch brands. They are great quality and perfect for beginner dance. 

Please reach out if you have any questions about this at