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Classes For 4-6 Year Olds

Jazz & Ballet

February Vacation

February Break Dance Camps (1)

Why Choose Move & Groove Watertown?

Competition is never the goal – Unlike other dance schools, we don’t host multiple recitals every year with expensive costumes. Our end goal is never competitive dancing. Instead, we give kids a chance to learn dance skills and have fun without pressure

Skills go beyond dance – The skills kids learn in classes at Move & Groove Watertown serve them well outside of the studio. Kids learn key communication, conflict resolution and fine motor skills that they can apply to other areas of their life, including interpersonal relationships, school and sports.

Beginner friendly – It doesn’t matter if your child is starting to take their first steps, or if they have dance experience, there is a place for your child here.

No pressure – We believe in kindness above all. Our classes are places where every child can feel welcome – no matter their level of dance experience or their background.

Community Engagement – We are committed to making dance accessible to all kids. Our nonprofit arm – Dancing Feet – offers dance class scholarships to low income kids and also brings dance to schools and other community organizations.