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What is Bloom Fine Arts?

At Bloom Fine Arts, we create enriching experiences for each child in a safe, supportive, nurturing and respectful environment. We believe that children blossom most when participating in programs that emphasize the arts as part of their early childhood education. With a professional curriculum centered around the arts (music, art, dance, and theater), we provide developmentally appropriate activities that promote intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development, aiming to prepare your little one for Kindergarten and beyond. 

Our Bloom Fine Arts is for ages 3-4 years. All students must be potty trained.* 

Why Choose Bloom?

During their time with us they will explore curriculum-based instruction that emphasizes student socialization and character building, creative movement and exercise, creative thinking and problem solving, hands-on learning activities and they will focus on fine motor skills, colors, shapes, the alphabet, name recognition, writing, calendar, weather, numbers counting and more. They will also explore music, art, dance and theater!

Through hands-on, meaningful experiences in the arts, children at Bloom Fine Arts are able to explore the world through their inherent and natural curiosities; the arts provide a playground for the mind of the child. Arts education is the answer to preparing young minds and bodies for a creative world.

Our Goals

Our goal is to create enriching experiences for each child in a safe, supportive and respectful environment. At Bloom we create developmentally appropriate activities daily through the Arts to promote intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. We believe that each child will learn and develop in his/her own way. Opportunities are created for each child to observe, learn, explore and discover; promoting
their development. We are committed to ensuring each child has a positive experience here at Bloom Fine Arts Academy.

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