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Should You Put Your Son in Dance Class?

First of all, YES! You should absolutely put your son in dance class! Why should gender matter? There are so many wonderful reasons as to why your son should dance. Hmmm…where to begin…

1. The Physical Benefits 

Any dance teacher will tell you that dance is a physical workout. You’re constantly using all your muscles to perfect each movement. The fitness skills involved hold the same benefits as sports. Dance classes will teach your son to build muscles, tone is body, and have more control of his movements. It strengthens the abdominal muscles which are so important in supporting the entire body. 

Another physical benefit of dance is flexibility. This means that his joints will be able to move more easily. Flexibility will also help with posture, balance, and less of a chance of injury. 

Fun fact: Many male dancers have a stronger core than those who go to the gym! Dance allows the body to form that six-pack naturally and activate the muscles that crunches and planks aren’t able to.

2. Coordination

In dance class, your son will learn coordination. This is an essential skill not only in dance, but in everyday life. Dance will challenge the brain to control different parts of the body and help with balance. In class, your son will work on moving different parts of the body at the same time and eye coordination. In everyday life, this skill is used in almost every activity – brushing your teeth, eating, walking, and even playing catch! 

3.Use of Emotion

Many boys are afraid to show emotion because they were taught that emotions make them “weak”. That is so not true! Expressing your emotions makes you stronger. It’s ok to let people know how you’re feeling! In dance, using emotions is a huge part of each movement. Many dancers use it as a form of expression for those bottled up emotions. 

If your son is having trouble expressing his fear, anger, frustration or other emotions, dance is the perfect activity. Dance is a form of storytelling. It allows him to act out those emotions in a creative and constructive way. Dance could totally be an aid to unlocking those tough feelings!

4.Great way to Socialize!

Dance is a wonderful way for your son to socialize, and learn how to work as part of a team. While in class, dancers learn cooperation, trust, and make strong friendships. Dance is a very social activity. Your son will make dance friends that he will have forever. 

5.Dance is FUN!

What better reason is there?? Dance is so much FUN! Your son will love the chance to get creative and move his body to the music. He will have so much fun making friends and learning new moves. Dance brings out a unique joy that always puts a smile on your face! 🙂 

These are just some of the reasons why you should put your son in dance class. We believe that anyone can dance if they put their mind to it!

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