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Easy Ballet Positions Your Child Can Do at Home

Does your child loving ballet class? Do they dance around the house? 🙂 Below are some easy ballet positions that you and your child can do at home. These basic movements are used in most dance classes no matter what the style. They are seen in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and many more! Try these out at home for a fun bonding experience with your kiddo!

First Position: In First Position, our feet look like a pizza slice! Our heels kiss together and our toes point out at a slight angle. We keep our legs nice and straight and our arms make a circle in front of our belly button – as if you are holding a beach ball!

Second Position: In Second Position, our legs are placed under our hips and our feet are slightly angled out. Our arms are placed out to the side – as if you have dropped that beach ball! Lastly, our legs and back are nice and straight, as if a string is attached to the top of our heads pulling us up.

Releva̩ (To Rise): For this position, we start in First Position. Slowly, we lift our heels off the ground so that we are standing on the balls of our feet. We then lift our arms above our head Рas if we are bringing that beach ball above our heads. Try to keep your legs and back straight Рlike you are a royal prince or princess! Remember that string pulling you up! A Releva̩ can also be performed in Second Position.

Pli̩ (To Bend): Starting in First Position, our knees slightly bend making a diamond with your legs. When doing a Pli̩, try to keep your knees over your toes Рangling out. Lastly, our hands go onto our hips and our bum stays tucked in. A Pli̩ can also be performed in Second Position.

Tondué (Stretched): Starting in First Position with our legs straight, and hands on our hips, we slowly stretch our right leg and foot straight to the side while keeping it on the floor. I know, that sounds a bit confusing! Let’s imagine that your toe is a paintbrush. In First Position, your toe will paint a straight line away from your body. We keep our legs nice and straight and point our toes making a long line down to the floor. Then we bring our leg and foot back into first and repeat with the left foot.

Check out our instructional video so you can follow along! 

These positions are the basics of ballet. We use them constantly in other movements performed. Practicing the positions above with your child can be a fun activity to work on motor skills and coordination. Put on your favorite music or a beautiful ballet song and try it out!

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