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Dancing in a Face Mask

For those who have started group lessons again, we know that dancing with a face mask is the new normal. It can be uncomfortable and sweaty, but keeps us safe from the germs around us. We have come up with some tips to help make dancing with a face mask less of a struggle.

1. Choose the Right Mask

When dancing, we want you to feel comfortable and able to accomplish your goals for the class. In order to do this, you need to choose a mask that is right for you. Cloth face masks are recommended because they are less restrictive. When we dance, our heart rates go up causing our breathing to increase and the masks to cling to our face. Cloth masks let in a little more air flow. 

2. Speak Loudly

Because we are all wearing masks, our voices get muffled. This can be especially difficult in a dance studio with the music playing. Our regular inside voices are no longer feasible. During class, when you have a question, speak loudly so that your classmates and teacher can hear you. And if you can’t hear your teacher, don’t be afraid to ask them to be louder!

3. Take Care of Your Masks

Taking care of your masks keeps you healthy. Bring multiple masks to dance class. That way if one breaks or gets too stuffy, you have another to change into. Also, keep your masks clean. Your face gets sweaty under them and keeping your masks clean can help prevent rashes and acne.

We want everyone to be safe here at Move & Groove Watertown. Wearing a mask is essential right now and we want to work with you and make sure you are comfortable and have tips that can help you dance with a face mask

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