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Why is Dance Attire Important?

Not only are tutus and leg warmers adorable, they also serve an important purpose in dance class. Proper dance attire creates an effective learning environment, teaches young dancers discipline, provides safety, and is important in feeling good about oneself and as a dancer.

1. Learning environment

One of the biggest reasons our dress code is so important is that it helps our teachers teach! When we teach, we want to be able to give all of the best information we can about body and feet placement, and dance technique. If we can’t see our students’ feet and bodies, we can’t help them reach for the stars. Just those small adjustments in a leg rotation or straightening of the back can make a big difference in a leap or pirouette

2. Discipline

Throughout the history of dance, dress codes exist to create a focused and structured class. Dance requires focus and discipline and giving a dancer a dress code helps them understand the simple rules. Ask a dance teacher and they can probably tell you that they can see the difference between students who take the dress code seriously and those who don’t. Putting on dance clothes and securing your hair in a neat bun or ponytail shows your teacher that you are ready to learn and work hard.

3. Safety

Dangling necklaces, clunky shoes, and baggy clothes may not seem like a big deal, but when you are moving, these can create a huge safety hazard. Here at Move & Groove Watertown, our first priority is making sure our students are safe. Leave all those accessories at home and come to class ready to dance! Safety starts with the dress code. 

4. Eliminate Distractions

Wearing clothes outside of the dress code can be distracting for all the students and the teacher. If a dancer is wearing sparkly shoes or a fringe jacket, it draws eyes off of the instructor. Kids have a shorter attention span and it can  be difficult to get their attention already, clothing distractions can make it worse. Our dress code helps eliminate those distractions.

5. Improves Confidence

Looking like a dancer makes you feel like a dancer. We want to help you be the best dancer you can be. We always want our dancers feeling comfortable, confident, and empowered to do anything they put their hearts to. Just putting on dance attire can completely change a dancer’s posture and outlook during the class. It can make them more willing to try new steps and helps put them on the same page as everyone in the class for those who do not want to stand out. When a student looks like a dancer, their confidence shines through. 

A dance dress code creates an improved work ethic, focus, overall attitude, safety, and creates confident dancers. We know it’s not always easy to wiggle your child into their dance clothes, but the way a dancer dresses sets them up for success.

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