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Connecting With Your Child Through Dance

The best parts of dancing with your child!

Dancing is such a wonderful way to connect with your child. It gets you both moving and grooving to music, and you are able to bring up the energy and happiness in your home. Dance also works on your child’s motor skills and their mental and social development. Your child will love getting goofy and wild with you as you glide through the house. Having upbeat energy and a happy attitude will help bring the fun to dancing. 

The more creative you are, the better! Create big movements and small movements. Use different heights – standing tall and curling up in a ball. You can even crawl around like animals and growl or hiss at each other. Kids love pretend play. It opens their imagination and actively engages them in each movement they are doing. For example, if you are bunnies, you can hop around the room, twitching your noses and pretending to eat carrots! 

Try engaging your child not only in the movement but through words as well. Ask them questions, tell a story, or make up a song! Listen to your child and what they want to do. If they want to wiggle their bodies, then do it! If they want to jump up and down, go for it! Make sure you are doing the movements too. That way your child feels that connection and knows you are having just as much fun as they are! 

Props are also a fun way to express yourselves and connect with your child. Get out some old dress up clothes, music makers, or scarves. Use them to create your own dance performance. Create those crazy costumes, make your own music to dance to, and use those scarves to sway to and fro as the music plays on! You can also use the items in the room. Get creative! How could you dance with a cup? What about a pillow? Play around with different items. What is the most fun? 

Lastly, music helps to bring that joy to get the body moving. Mix up the music with some of your kids favorite songs as well as your own. Having multiple genres of music broadens your child’s horizons and opens the doors to the fabulous world of music. Find different tempos, movement songs that tell you what to do, songs from your childhood, or even from a favorite movie! 

Dance is such a great way to connect with your child. Moving together brings you closer together and can brighten up your day. The endorphins from dancing have been proven to make you happier. Taking the time each day to have a small dance party in the kitchen or even just boogying your way out of the bedroom after nap time brings out smiles and fun that you and your child will remember forever!