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The Best Dance Books for Kids

Our top 10 favorite dance books for kids!

We believe reading is very important for children’s learning. We also believe that dance and movement is vital for kids  in order to move the body and express themselves. So, why not connect the two? Below we have collected our top 5 favorite kids books about dance.

  1. Giraffes Can’t Dance! By: Giles Andreae. This is our number one favorite! It’s about a Gerald the giraffe who wants to dance but the other animals make fun of him because of his tall neck and skinny legs. At the Jungle Dance, all the animals bring out their dance moves, but when it’s Gerald’s turn, they say “Giraffes can’t dance!” However, a wise cricket gives Gerald some friendly advice and Gerald learns that he can dance to his own tune! 
  2. Degas Little Dancer by: Laurence Anholt. This is another one of our favorites! This book includes dance and art! Edgar Degas’ “Little Dancer” statue becomes an inspiration for Marie as she aspires to become a famous ballerina. Because her family had too little money for lessons, she began modeling at the local ballet school. This book is a great introduction to the French artist, Edgar Degas and succeeding in life goals!
  3. Angelina Ballerina by: Katharine Holabird and Helen Craig. This is a fun book about a little mouse with a big dream to become a famous ballerina. Although she sometimes makes mistakes during dance class, she is not afraid to try again and continue dancing! This book brings to light the lesson of picking yourself up and always trying again! 
  4. Kitchen Dance by: Maurie Manning. This book is a lovely poetic multicultural story. It is about dancing, singing and connecting with family. It’s a great book to read before bed as the music throughout goes from fast-paced pop and tango to a soothing lullaby. 
  5. The Boy Who Wanted to Become a Dancer By: Rod Gambassi. We believe that anyone can dance! This book is about a boy named Bobby who wants to be a dancer when he grows up. Although his friends and brother don’t understand his passion and make fun of him, his parents encourage him to dance and enroll him in classes. At the end, Bobby performs for everyone’s families and follows his heart and dreams as he inspires others to do the same!

These books are inspiring to young dancers and show that anyone can follow their dreams. The friendships, family, and love of dance are all portrayed in these stories. Make sure to check them out!